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Wiser Air by Schneider Electric

The smart thermostat, made Wiser.


The Wiser choice.

Wiser Air isn’t just a cutting-edge thermostat. It’s a complete home energy management solution built with state-of-the-art technology that gives you control of comfort and savings for peace of mind.

You're in control.
It's that simple.

With a smartphone-style touchscreen, Wiser Air lets you tap into new levels of temperature control while learning your lifestyle as soon as it’s on your wall. Easily integrated into your home, operation is a breeze.

Control at your
fingertips. Now that's

Putting you in full command of your home, Wiser Air gives you a unified experience across all your devices with scheduling that’s simple to set and modify with a tap. There’s also a powerful Comfort Boost feature for optimal comfort on the fly.

Comfort & efficiency.
A match made in
your home.

The best of both worlds, Wiser Air brings you optimal comfort and saving potential at the same time. From automatic scheduling to the efficient Eco IQ that learns and adapts to your lifestyle, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your perfect climate isn’t breaking the bank.

Precise weather with
real, positive impacts
on your energy.

The #1 ranked weather service from Schneider Electric, Wiser Forecast is seamlessly integrated into the Wiser Air thermostat and software suite. When the weather outside gets frightful, your home will keep you efficiently comfortable.

Get even wiser with
utility partner programs.

Wiser Air brings you comfortable savings, while creating a more efficient energy grid. If your utility is a Wiser partner, you’ll receive powerful insights, alerts and incentives like Peak Payback through your customized message center. The result: a win-win for you and your utility company.


Wiser empowers utilities by partnering to deliver effective programs for energy efficiency, demand response and improved consumer engagement.

Make the Wiser choice.
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