Will Wiser Air work with my heating and air conditioning system?

Wiser Air works with most heating and cooling systems, including gas, oil, electric, water, radiant, forced air, and heat pump.

Wiser Air can control the following types of common HVAC systems:

  • Single Stage Heat/Cool (W, Y)
  • Single Stage Heat Pump (W, Y, O/B)
  • Two Stage Heat/Two Stage Cool (W, Y, W2, Y2)
  • Single Stage Dual Fuel Heat Pump (W, Y, O/B, S1, S2)
  • Two Speed Heat Pump (W, Y, Y2, O/B)
  • Zone Control* (W, Y, W2, Y2)
    • The HVAC unit would have to have a zone control board that accepts standard thermostats.
  • Fan (G)

Wiser Air requires a common “C” wire for installation. This wire is the power source for your smart thermostat. You may need to use the provided wire extender, if your home doesn’t have this wire.

Important Note: Professional installation is recommended for:

  • Installing a Wire Extender

Not everyone knows what kind of heating and cooling unit they have. Fortunately, there is an easy way to find out. Remove your existing thermostat’s panel from the wall without touching the wires. Take a picture of what you see and use our Compatibility Check tool. There you will be prompted to enter your connected wires and we will tell you if your system will work with the Wiser Air.

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