Comfort Boost™



Comfort Boost. The Ooo That Leads To Ahh.cool_boost

A quick burst of heat or cold without affecting your schedule or Eco IQ learning.


Comfort Boost is one of our most popular features and it’s easy to see why. Or, more to the point, feel why. Just press and hold the Up or Down arrow and you’ll get 15 minutes of ahh-inducing comfort without changing your pre-set temperatures. You can even add extra boosts in 15-minute increments. When the boost is done boosting, Wiser air automatically returns to its previous state.















Why Activate Comfort Boost?

Imagine you wake up and the chill outside has crept inside. One tap for a Heat Boost and, boom, you get a quick burst of toe-thawing heat then the system returns to your Home settings. There are endless possibilities to utilize this feature. These are some of the ways you can use it:

  • Our coming home from a cold walk with the dog
  • Coming home from an intense work out
  • After running around the house
  • Avoiding being cold after taking a hot shower
  • Testing out if your equipment is connected properly


So no matter what makes you sweat, stay cool with Comfort Boost.



Operating Comfort Boost from your mobile device

Here’s where Comfort Boost gets even cooler (or hotter depending on your preference). Comfort Boost also works from your phone! Just think about all those times you sat in traffic while the world melted around you. Now, you can just give your Wiser App a tap and let Comfort Boost blast your house with cold so you can cool off right as you walk in the door.





Enabling Comfort Boost

Press and hold an arrow to activate a Comfort Boost. It is automatically set to run for 15 minutes which can be easily changed to 5 or 59 mins by simply pressing the +/- 5 mins.


Canceling Comfort Boost

Select ‘Boost’ and an “Adjust Boost” menu will appear.  At the bottom of the menu, select “Cancel Boost”.  You can also adjust the time of your boost through this menu.





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