Wiser Pulse™

Know from the glow. Wiser Pulse allows you to see what your system is up to at a glance. The color of the glowing backlight indicates the system mode (Off, Heating, Cooling, Eco IQ); a pulsing backlight indicates that the system is actively running. If in Auto mode, the color indicates the most recent system mode.



Wiser Pulse Color Guide





Blue Pulse: Wiser Air is cooling

Yellow Pulse: Wiser Air is heating

Green Pulse: Eco IQ is enabled and is working to save you energy. Wiser Pulse will change if a Comfort Boost is activated – blue for a Cool Boost and yellow for a Heat Boost. When the Comfort Boost is complete, Wiser Pulse will return to green.



Customize Wiser Pulse

You can easily customize Wiser Pulse’s intensity through the settings menu on your thermostat, from 0 to 100%. An intensity of 0% turns the feature off.

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Tap Display
  3. Move the Halo Intensity slider bar from 0 to 100%


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