Humidity Balance™

If you live in a place with high levels of humidity, you understand the importance of controlling the moisture in your home. From avoiding pesky mold to leaving that unpleasant, clammy feeling behind, the interior humidity level plays an important role in your overall perception of comfort.


With the new Humidity Balance feature, Wiser Air aims to inform you about your home’s interior air quality. Your thermostat now displays the current relative humidity level inside your home and helps you control it by using your air conditioner to dehumidify the space. Doing so promotes a healthier living environment and increases your overall level of comfort.



How does Wiser Humidity Balance Work?

There is a sensor inside your Wiser Air thermostat that determines the current amount of moisture in the air. Using Humidity Balance, you can set a humidity level at which you’re comfortable. Your Wiser Air thermostat will then use your air conditioner to slowly remove moisture from the air until it reaches that level. It does this by lowering your set point by one degree if the humidity level in your home is above the humidity limit you specified.




Activating Wiser Humidity Balance

  1.  On the Wiser Air thermostat, select the Menu icon
  2.  Select System
  3. Select Modes
  4. Select “Dehum” next to the “Humidity” option to enable Humidity Balance
  5. Select the Back icon
  6.  You will see a new option in the System > Modes menu called “Humidity”
  7. Select “Humidity”
  8.  Move the blue circle along the scale to set the relative humidity level at which you’re comfortable. To help you get started, most individuals are comfortable around 50% relative humidity.



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