Wiser Start™

What is Wiser Start?

Wiser Start is part of the Eco IQ learning algorithm on your Wiser Air thermostat. In regular schedule mode, Wiser Air sets the desired temperature at the times that you specify. With Eco IQ enabled, Wiser Start knows how early to start so that your home is at the right temperature at the right time. In heating mode, Wiser Start minimizes the use of expensive auxiliary heat.


How does Wiser Start Work?

Wiser Start enhances Eco IQ by learning the pace at which your home heats/cools and uses this data to get your home to the right temperature at the right time.


When you indicate that you would like it cooler at 6 am by pressing the cooling set point, for example, Eco IQ learns that preference. Factors from Wiser Forecast such as solar radiance, indoor temperature and outdoor temperature, as well as historical performance are all inputs that allow Wiser Start to optimize your home’s comfort.



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