Eco IQ Notifications at a Glance

Every time you interact with Wiser Air or the Wiser app, Eco IQ learns. Eco IQ Notifications demonstrate how Eco IQ is working to optimize between energy savings and comfort in your home. Depending on how you configured the comfort limits and lifestyle slider when enabling the feature, Eco IQ either works to control more closely for comfort or more broadly for savings.

The energy savings calculation is made in reference to what you would have used without the feature active. Wiser estimates the baseline by looking at how the system would have performed in standard schedule mode. The savings notification is based on a rolling average of the previous 5 days.

Are you seeing the message and would prefer to opt-out?

For SMS and email notifications, simply go to Profile & Settings at the top right of the web portal and then Edit Profile.

For push notifications on your mobile device, go to Account Settings in the app and then Notifications.


Eco IQ Notifications_web SMS and email


Read about how a Wiser Air customer experiences Eco IQ here.


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