Wiser Air Voice Control with Amazon Alexa

Wiser-EchoImagine you and the family are crafting homemade pizza in the kitchen. There’s dough on your hands and a thin trail of tomato sauce is slowly making its way down the cabinets. The kitchen is feeling stuffy and last thing you want is to grab your phone or go to the hallway to change the temperature. Now with Amazon Alexa, simply say “Alexa, ask Wiser to make it 3 degrees cooler.” Your Wiser Air thermostat responds immediately, keeping your phone and thermostat dough-free.


Currently, a Wiser Air user with an Amazon Alexa device can change the setpoint and query the indoor temperature on a single thermostat*. In the near future, be on the lookout for voice control of unique Wiser Air features such as Comfort Boost, Eco IQ, and Ready Modes.

*If you have multiple Wiser Air thermostats, Alexa will currently link the first device on your account. The next update will support multiple thermostats on the same account.


How do I link Wiser Air with Amazon Alexa and what phrases can Wiser Air understand?

To link your Wiser Air and Amazon Alexa accounts:

  1. Download the Alexa app and search for the Wiser Air skill by searching “Wiser Air”.
  2. Tap Link Accounts and enter your Wiser Air account credentials.
  3. To confirm, tell Alexa “ask Wiser to find devices.” You should hear “Great, I’ve found one thermostat named [Device Name]”.


Example Phrases – use these to control the indoor setpoint or query the indoor temperature:
“Alexa, ask Wiser Air to…”

“… set the temperature to X degrees”

“… make it X degrees cooler/warmer”

“Alexa, ask Wiser Air…”

“…what the temperature is”

“…how warm/cold it is”

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