Wiser Air Invitations & Permission Levels

With Wiser Air, you have the ability to invite others to your account and to set permission levels. You can also set permissions at the device level.

Account Invitations and Permissions

In the web portal, simply go to Profile & Settings at the top right of the screen, and then scroll down to Invites & Local Permissions. Enter the email address of the intended account user, and they will be prompted to create a username.


As the account owner, you will see the invitation as an Outstanding Invite. After being accepted, the invitee will be given full access by default. Simply drag and drop the user box to change the permission level.


Device Permissions

In the web portal, also from Profile & Settings, scroll down to set permissions at the device level.

In the Android and iOS apps, go to Settings, Device Settings, and then Device Permissions.

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