Wiser Air and IFTTT

Wiser + IFTTT


IFTTT is a powerful connected home platform, with channels connecting hundreds of products. To learn more about IFTTT applets, actions, and triggers, see here: https://ifttt.com/wtf

The Wiser Air channel allows Wiser Air users to connect with hundreds of products and services using IFTTT. Take the iOS and Android location channels as an example. Connecting these with Wiser Air and enabling the geofencing applet allows users to change their thermostat’s mode based on a phone’s location. Say for example you define a distance halfway between home and work. As you cross that boundary on the way home, Wiser Air can change automatically to “Home”.


How to Connect to the Wiser Air Applet on IFTTT

  1. Search Wiser Air at https://ifttt.com/
  2. Select Connect and enter the credentials to your Wiser Air account

*Note: a Wiser Air password change requires updating the password in IFTTT

  1. Either Add an existing Wiser Air Applet OR
  2. Get creative and create a new Applet, connecting Wiser Air to hundreds of IFTTT products and services


How does IFTTT work with Eco IQ and Amazon Alexa?

Wiser’s Eco IQ feature is an advanced learning algorithm that optimizes savings and comfort, based on your input and home thermal profile. Many of the interactions required by IFTTT, such as location-based Wiser modes, are incompatible with Eco IQ. Enabling an IFTTT applet automatically disables Eco IQ, meaning that you will see Eco IQ set to Off.


Amazon Alexa voice control, described here, is able to operate concurrently with IFTTT applets. There are some powerful combinations possible. For example, if you configure your connected lighting to turn off when Wiser Air is places in sleep mode. Then one night your family is going to bed early and you say, “Alexa, tell Wiser Air I am going to sleep”. IFTTT would then kick in and put your lighting in the correct state.

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