Schneider Electric and Microsoft form a partnership to give customers peace of mind about their data


Wiser Air works with Microsoft

Schneider-Electric’s Wiser Air and Microsoft’s Azure have teamed up to help protect customer user data from potential security threats such as hackers or viruses aimed at collecting personal data. This is an important collaboration because it strengthens Wiser Air’s security foundation, which was built with the customer’s safety in mind. Jason Lien, Director of Offer Development for Wiser Air at Schneider-Electric, explains “We’re not doing anything with the data, we’re not in the business of selling internet advertisements or anything like that.”

The Internet brings us lots of awesome capabilities that consumers and businesses alike naturally want to take advantage of. But every time you connect a device – any device – to the Internet, you should be thinking about how the device is protected against unwanted access. Similarly, you need to think about how any data that’s flowing to or from the device is secured from potentially prying eyes, both while in transit and when it’s eventually stored on some faraway system.

The technology is a good example of the power of the Internet of Things. But with such powerful technologies also come security risks that consumers and businesses need to consider – and take steps to mitigate. It’s good to know that Schneider Electric is doing just that when it comes to its North American Wiser residential energy management systems. Lien also points out that Wiser North America has the weight of Schneider Electric behind it, itself a “massive organization” with lots of resources dedicated to tackling security issues – and many customers giving the company a vested interest in doing so.

Being a public cloud platform, Microsoft has naturally pulled out all the stops to ensure security in Azure. A post on the Microsoft Technet site, called “10 Things to Know about Azure Security,” goes a good job in outlining some of the security steps Microsoft has taken. Some of them are more about following security best practices than they are about technology, which is a good thing because the best security technology on the planet won’t protect a site whose operators don’t follow best practices.

Microsoft’s Azure is relied upon by organizations both big and small to help protect sensitive organization and customer data. The platform’s scalability features allow customers to scale their data up and down faster than ever. With Azure, scaling is no longer an expensive part of data collection, but a tool that seamlessly reacts to the amount of use on the system. The Azure platform has been a preferred provider for Schneider Electric’s software applications, such as StruxureWare, since 2013.

“Protection of information is always top of mind as Schneider Electric creates more sophisticated home energy management solutions. Thanks to the security features created by Microsoft, utilities who provide Wiser Air to their customers know they have access to the latest data security technology,” said Yann Kulp, Vice President of Residential Energy Solutions, Schneider Electric. “This alliance gives utilities, and their customers, peace of mind.”

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