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I have a Dual-Fuel heat pump system, will it work with Wiser Air?

Dual fuel application If you are experiencing issues with dual fuel application, Schneider Electric’s suggestion is to set the Min Outdoor Temp <<lockout>> to 32°F. This parameter can be adjusted in: Menu >> System >> Advanced >> Min Outdoor Temp. We are aware of the difficulties with the application and we are working on finding a solution for the […]

Does Wiser Air qualify for utility rebate programs?

There are a few different types of utility programs involving smart thermostats. One common program follows a Bring-Your-Own-Thermostat (BYOT) model. In any programs that require a basic programmable thermostat, Wiser Air will most likely qualify. Other programs have more specific feature requirements, such as geofencing or remote control. For those programs, you will likely need […]

Will Wiser Air work with my heating and air conditioning system?

Wiser Air works with most heating and cooling systems, including gas, oil, electric, water, radiant, forced air, and heat pump. Wiser Air can control the following types of common HVAC systems: Single Stage Heat/Cool (W, Y) Single Stage Heat Pump (W, Y, O/B) Two Stage Heat/Two Stage Cool (W, Y, W2, Y2) Single Stage Dual […]

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