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I have a Dual-Fuel heat pump system, will it work with Wiser Air?

Dual fuel application If you are experiencing issues with dual fuel application, Schneider Electric’s suggestion is to set the Min Outdoor Temp <<lockout>> to 32°F. This parameter can be adjusted in: Menu >> System >> Advanced >> Min Outdoor Temp. We are aware of the difficulties with the application and we are working on finding a solution for the […]

Wiser Air and IFTTT

  IFTTT is a powerful connected home platform, with channels connecting hundreds of products. To learn more about IFTTT applets, actions, and triggers, see here: https://ifttt.com/wtf The Wiser Air channel allows Wiser Air users to connect with hundreds of products and services using IFTTT. Take the iOS and Android location channels as an example. Connecting […]

Humidity Balance™

If you live in a place with high levels of humidity, you understand the importance of controlling the moisture in your home. From avoiding pesky mold to leaving that unpleasant, clammy feeling behind, the interior humidity level plays an important role in your overall perception of comfort.   With the new Humidity Balance feature, Wiser […]

Wiser Start™

What is Wiser Start? Wiser Start is part of the Eco IQ learning algorithm on your Wiser Air thermostat. In regular schedule mode, Wiser Air sets the desired temperature at the times that you specify. With Eco IQ enabled, Wiser Start knows how early to start so that your home is at the right temperature […]

Wiser Pulse™

Know from the glow. Wiser Pulse allows you to see what your system is up to at a glance. The color of the glowing backlight indicates the system mode (Off, Heating, Cooling, Eco IQ); a pulsing backlight indicates that the system is actively running. If in Auto mode, the color indicates the most recent system […]

I activated a Comfort Boost (Heating or Cooling) and I would like to know how to cancel it on the thermostat.

On the top of the screen you will be able to see an option called “Boost” (blue for cooling, yellow for heating). If you tap on that option it will show you the Comfort Boost screen, where you can stop, increase or decrease the time. You can also do this from the app.

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