Wiser Pulse

As if its sleek design didn’t already capture your attention, along comes the soft, ambient glow of Wiser Pulse. One glance and you instantly know what’s happening in your home. BLUE for cooling, YELLOW for heating, GREEN when Eco iQ is saving energy. It’s that beautifully simple.

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Embrace your inner control freak.

Control at your fingertips. Now that's comforting. Wiser Air gives you a unified experience across all your devices with scheduling that's simple to set and modify with a tap. Unsurpassed app experiences available for download on Windows 10, iOS, and Android devices.

It’s not just in your comfort zone,
it is your comfort zone.

Wiser Air is a head-turning habit-learning money-saving solution that puts you in control of your comfort from any wall and any device. So, make yourself comfortable. Incredibly, brilliantly, perfectly comfortable.

Comfort Boost

Get a burst of comfort when you want it. Cool Boost and Heat Boost, at your fingertips. Is your home packed with guests and getting too warm? Coming in from a cold winter day? Simply press and hold the up or down arrow to activate a heat or cool boost.

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Humidity Balance

Humidity Balance gradually removes moisture from the air to optimize home humidity for increased comfort and a healthier home environment.

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Any more perceptive and it’d be your therapist.

A highly intelligent energy management solution that seamlessly integrates into your home and your devices. Wiser Air learns what you like, puts you in control of your comfort, and does it all while saving energy and money. It’s not just smarter, it’s Wiser.

Eco IQ

Eco IQ self-learning algorithm learns your preferences and manages your home temperature all day, whether you are home or away. Factoring in your lifestyle patterns and energy usage, outside weather, and your home's thermal profile, Eco IQ learns your habits, can run by itself, and saves you money. It’s like A.I. for A.C.

Eco IQ is enhanced by Wiser Start™. Wiser Start learns the pace at which your home heats/cools and uses this data to get your home to your optimal comfort level at the time you want it, the right temperature at the right time.

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Wiser Forecast

Adjust your home with the same forecasting technology used by critical industries from energy to professional sports. Enjoy professional grade weather and alerts for increased savings and peace of mind.

It's time to get Wiser.

Increase your home comfort and savings today.

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