What is Eco IQ™ ?

Eco IQ is Wiser Air’s learning algorithm. It learns your heating and cooling preferences over time through direct feedback. Eco IQ challenges your perception of what an ideal temperature is by allowing you to define your comfort level by how warm or cold you are, rather than through a predetermined set point.

How does it work?

Eco IQ simplifies the way you interact with Wiser Air, by replacing set schedules with automatic temperature adjustments that save you energy, while keeping you comfortable throughout the day. Eco IQ works efficiently and intelligently, taking the following factors into account:

Your Lifestyle Patterns

From initial inputs to subsequent adjustments, Eco IQ never stops learning.

Your Thermal Profile

Eco IQ learns how long it takes to heat your home and where you are losing heat.

Your Energy Usage

The more Eco IQ monitors your usage, the more places it finds to save energy.

Schneider Electric’s Weather Service

Accurate forecasting means more precise temperature adjustments in your home.

Wiser Start

Wiser Start enhances Eco IQ by learning the pace at which your home heats/cools and uses this data to get your home to your optimal comfort level at the time you want it. The right temperature at the right time.

How do I enable EcoIQ?

After syncing your devices, you will be guided through a process to enable Eco IQ. When you reach the Eco IQ screen, press the blue “Enable Eco IQ button.” To enable Eco IQ at a later time, follow the steps below:

How do I set my preferences?

Eco IQ sets its priorities to fit your lifestyle. To set your preferences, follow the steps below:

How do I know Eco IQ™ is working?

Let Eco IQ know if you are too warm or cold by pressing the up and down arrows on your thermostat or mobile device. As you provide feedback on your comfort level, the status bar changes color (blue for cooler, yellow for warmer) and a message indicates that Eco IQ is learning from your behavior.

How long does it take for Eco IQ to learn my preferences?

On average, it takes about a week for Eco IQ to learn your preferences, depending on the number of times you provide input. The more feedback you provide, the quicker Eco IQ learns. Factors that determine your comfort schedule include:

Balance and comfort zones

Time and day of feedback

Outside temperature

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